Margot is the best friend you always wanted in your 20’s...really every decade. Carlie and company are hilarious, heart-warming, deliciously and absurdly wonderful. My new guilty pleasure!
— Merle Dandrige (greenleaf)
Margot is the show this generation needs. Carlie created a show with strong female characters who are funny, vulnerable, relatable and so very human. With moments in every scene that had me saying ‘I’ve had that EXACT thought,’ or ‘I’ve had this same conversation with MY girlfriends’ Margot is a refreshing slice of life everyone should see.
— alex chando (the lying game)
This show was made for me. The first episode uses Beyonce as a metaphor for universal connectedness and empowerment, so what I’m saying is, it’s the most relatable show I’ve ever seen. Also, YES MORE FEMALE ENSEMBLE SHOWS.
— Kevin McHale (glee)
Are You There God? It’s Me Margot is an intelligent, funny, provocative, insightful (did I say funny) look at the world of millennial women and men. As a friend, student, and colleague, Carlie Casey makes me proud. She embodies all attributes I hold sacred; hard work, talent, resilience, creativity, and innovation to name a few. “Margot” is a must see!
— john homa (actors pov)
I’m so proud of Carlie. “Are You There God? It’s Me Margot” is something created through authentic friendship and love. It’s funny and real. It has a voice, and I am ready for more.
— devon werkheiser (ned's declassified school survival guide)
Hilarious! Enjoyed every minute of it.
— Francia Raisa (Grownish, Secret Life of The American Teenager)
Carlie Casey’s “Are You There God It’s Me Margot?” takes a brave and successful stab at portraying everyday life of twenty-somethings, without falling into the frequently regurgitated image of “the millennial.” From the first episode, we are warmly welcomed into Margot’s world through relatable conversation, and comfortingly recognizable dialogue. Casey, along with her brilliantly timed co-star, Siera Casey, establish the tone for Margot, that carries through the the final episode: Ladies ladies ladies. Beat to beat, this show lifts up and showcases women. Whether it is through the smart, back and forth in the pool party ensemble episode, or the heart to hearts hashed out in one on one episodes between Margot and a friend. It is clear that Casey wanted to demonstrate that having each frame full of women, isn’t as daunting a task as the industry may still believe. Incorporating her own wit in every line, and utilizing the genius eye of Scott Simock to enhance the look of each frame, Casey has successfully delivered an entertaining show in a format that deserves the accolades it has received, and a larger pool to play in going forward (I’m talking to you, HBO).
— Charlotte Casey